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Jimmy Sham, convenor of Hong Kong Civil Rights Human Front, attacked by assailants with hammers and spanners

Within 24 hours after US House passing the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, Jimmy Sham Tsz-kit, convenor of the Civil Human Rights...

China reacted angrily against ‘meddling as US House of Representative passes bill backing Hong Kong protesters

The House of Representatives has passed a bill paving the way for sanctions against individuals who undermine Hong Kong’s autonomy, prompting an angry response...

China expands its “anti-addiction” program on video platforms for teens

Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) expands the anti-addiction program for users under 16. Related: Interview with Hao Wu, director of People's Republic of Desire, 10...

The Garden of Forking Paths by Jorge Luis Borges

Read online The Garden of Forking Paths ("El jardín de senderos que se bifurcan") by Jorge Luis Borges The Garden of Forking Paths is a short story,...