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Interview with Zhao Huizhou, fashion designer, curator of the Centennial Fashion Museum, and founder of the Hui Foundation

Zhao Huizhou is a Chinese designer whose fashion creations display a balance between tradition and modernity, enhancing timeless elegance and classic oriental beauty in...

Interview with Zhang Bo and Zhang Chong, directors of “The Fourth Wall”

The movie tries to break the wall that stands between us and our lives, memories and future. Zhang Chong and Zhang Bo are both graduates...

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said it is “very difficult” for China’s economy to grow at a rate of 6 percent

China’s gross domestic product (GDP) grew 6.3% in the first half of the year, and Li said the economy was “generally stable” in the...

Interview with Jared Stone, one of the photojournalists in the video of Hong Kong police throwing tear gas grenade at press members

Jared Stone is an Australian photojournalist and fully trained emergency nurse from Melbourne. From August 30, he is in Hong Kong to document the Hong...

People who are strangers to liquor are incapable of talking about literature. Mo Yan

Author: Mo Yan. Origin: The Republic of Wine, chapter 3, pag. 25 “People who are strangers to liquor are incapable of talking about literature.” ― Mo...

Interview with SimpleBao, Visual Storyteller and Street Artist

Bao is a Hong Kong born and based self-taught artist who mainly loves freestyle work with murals and illustrations. She started her career in 2015...

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