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Traditional Chinese wedding turns into a bad parody

Chinese wedding parody
Chinese wedding parody - Marriage is an important event for many Chinese couples, a day to remember with family and friends.Nowadays marriages are a mix of Western culture and Chinese traditions, such as the rite of the bridal chamber (naodongfang). In recent years, many Chinese  posted online a huge number of pictures of the rite of the bridal chamber,...

Chinese police forcing vandals to clean up own wallwritings

clean up own wallwritings
Have you ever wondered who owns the phone numbers that can be found on many walls in China?Western mentality could think that are related with erotic hotline or prostitutes, because in Western cities phone numbers left in phone booths are often linked to sex life. In the West for privacy reasons, phone numbers circulate only in certain places, and...

Red Kunming

35mm negative Red Scale Photography: This area of Kuming will be demolished very soon, but life still going on, like everyday: kids are happy, street markets are crowded and busy, young people play snooker ...Redscale is a technique from analogue photography in which the used film is exposed from the wrong side.Depending on the exposure time and film, the...

Interview with Michael Logan, Next Media Animation

Everybody is talking about Next Media Animation and 3d animated news. Michael Logan tell us more about production progress of their videos.1. When and how did you come up with the idea to create a full service 3d animation studio?The first news animations were published in September 2009. The research and development process took place for several years before...

Tiananmen goes green!

Green Tiananmen
Green Tiananmen - During these hot summer days, Tiananmen became a golf putting green.Works ended on the 23rd of July. Tiananmen is one of the symbols of China and one of the biggest square in the world as well. Authorities decided to lay 9600 mq of lawn area to symbolize 9600000 mq of China territory.Source: news.163.com

Anti-Secession Law

(Adopted at the Third Session of the Tenth National People's Congress on March 14, 2005)Article 1 This Law is formulated, in accordance with the Constitution, for the purpose of opposing and checking Taiwan's secession from China by secessionists in the name of "Taiwan independence", promoting peaceful national reunification, maintaining peace and stability in the Taiwan Straits, preserving China's sovereignty...

Prostitution raid in China pictures – Nanning

prostitution raid in China
Prostitution raid in China: Over 200 police officers of Nanning Public Security Bureau has launched an attack on the city's underworld  in an attempt to crack down prostitution rings and unlicensed gambling sites in four districts of the city.69 people, including 30 men and 39 women, has been arrested in just one hotel. In addition, it was also found...

Drug Rehab Addiction Treatment Center in Hebei

Drug Rehab Addiction Treatment Center
For the International Day against Drug Abuse, photographers have visited some young women in a drug rehab center in the northern province of Hebei.Drug Rehab Addiction Treatment Center in China imagesA young pregnant girl is subjected to an examination due to a dysfunction of the stomach caused by methamphetamine use. Ice (Dubing) is still a very popular drug between young...

Shocking pictures of an illegal dog slaughterhouse in China

illegal dog slaughterhouse in China
In China every day are brutally killed thousands of dogs and cats, often in conditions of absolute lawlessness.In Changchun city, in Jilin Province, was operating an illegal dog slaughterhouse , just closed by the authorities.The slaughterhouse worked for about two years.Every day were brought two or three vans containing living dogs.The operational capability of this illegal activity reached up...

36 Chinese beauties cheer for World Cup

Chinese beauties
Chinese beauties - The World Cup fever rises to very hot temperatures in China.Many girls want to be the queen or the official testimonial of its favorite football team. Therefore aspiring candidates appear in sexy poses: professional models, actresses and girls next door fight each other with professional photo shoots or amateur self portraits.Source: Sina.com, Tom.com, Mop.com, Ifeng.com, Sohu.com