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Times Square Lomography Exhibition

Lomography Exhibition
If you happen to be in Hong Kong, at Times Square, the most popular and functional shopping mall located in Causeway Bay you can visit the Times Square Lomography Exhibition from 11th April to 3rd May 2011. Times Square is considered a public artistic place and it holds various art exhibitions, cultural projects, charity events as well as movie...

Photographic history of Qi Gong and alternative medicine proliferation in China

history of Qi Gong
History of Qi Gong - There are hundreds of types of Qi Gong: some only need meditation and others require body motion to music. They are popular among Chinese who wish to improve their health and cure their diseases. It is hard to say if anyone has restored his health by performing Qi Gong; while it is also hard...

Animals of China

animals of China - white tigers
Discovering some of the most exotic wild animals that inhabit this vast country. Images of Animals of China Giant Panda   Firefox, Red Panda Chinese alligator Tiger White Tiger Bactrian Camel Wild Indian Elephant Snob-Nosed Monkey Yak Pictures: Matteo Damiani, Oliver Huang Linwu  

20 rare images of Chinese nuclear tests during Sixties

Chinese nuclear tests images
Since the late '50s, China launched its program to become the fifth nuclear power, a goal reached in 1964 with the test 596. Prior to that date and during the sixties China carried out numerous experiments on animals, tanks, planes, trains to test the effects of the new arsenal. These rare film images show some of the Chinese tests. However...

Chinese Airport Security Check inspired by FHM

Airport Security Check
MengVision Studio, specialized in wedding photography, is promoting a new intriguing photoshoot: "Airport Security Check". Images bring to mind FHM visual style. Source

Fairytale of a cruel killer: Red Riding Hood

Fairytale of a cruel killer
Red Riding Hood cosplay - A chinese team with a strong passion for photography represented a "Red Riding Hood" inspired by a world where coexist a bright and a dark side. The story, edited by Yin Hui, turns the delicate girl, in a cruel killer. In this kind of world Snow White is just an hypocrite, Cinderella is a...

Chinese DIY inspired by Harry Potter and Leon

Chinese DIY inspired by movies
Chinese DIY inspired by movies: Here some beautiful and clever DIY by Lili Ya inspired by Harry Potter and Leon. Jean Reno (Leon) with Natalie Portman (Matilda) from the movie "Leon: The Professional" directed by Luc Besson. Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Ruper Grint (Ron Weasley) and Emma Watson (Hermione Granger). Source: photo.163.com

Creative scarecrows

Creative scarecrows
In Zhejiang, Xianju Shenxianju, scarecrows instead of intimidating attract the attention of tourists. Creative scarecrows images Source: Sina.com.cn

20 rare pictures of Boxer prisoners during late Qing Dynasty

pictures of the boxer rebellion
Pictures of the boxer rebellion: in the late Qing Dynasty (1899-1902), China was plagued by an xenophobic conflict that bloodied the country for three years. Boxer Uprising was a proto-nationalist movement by the "Righteous Harmony Society". Qing government ignored or even encouraged Boxer rebels; at the same time Qing Dinasty supported Western forces to crush the revolt. Pictures of Boxers images Source...

Dozens of Chinese families living in concrete silos

Families living in concrete silos
In Hefei, capital of Anhui province, many families are living in a former cement factory. The silo, about 20 meter high, hosts about 50 families, mostly retired people or unemployed. The dream of these people is to be able to find a spacious home. Families living in concrete silos in China Source


china's fake moon

Could China’s “Fake Moon” work?

A few days ago the Chinese media (and others) talk about the project of launching a "fake moon" in orbit to illuminate the streets...
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