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China opens educational Mars base in the Gobi Desert

On Wednesday, an educational park was inaugurated not far from Jinchang, in the Gobi desert, with the aim of showing students and tourists what life might be like on a base on Mars. Related: 4 Chinese space companies to watch , The photographic history of the Chinese space programAccording to Ecns, this project, the C-Space Project Mars Base , is...

Amazon is shutting down its marketplace in China

Amazon shuts down China marketplace
Amazon is shutting down its domestic e-commerce marketplace business in China that allows Chinese consumers to buy from Chinese merchants, after the difficulties encountered in competing with Alibaba and JD.com. “We are notifying sellers we will no longer operate a marketplace on Amazon.cn and we will no longer be providing seller services on Amazon.cn effective July 18,” the US e-commerce...

Interview with Zhou Zhou, director of ‘Meili’

Meili portrays an intense human tragedy and a desperate universal truth, since disasters in her life soon becomes inexorably predictable. Please read the article here: Interview with Zhou Zhou, director of ‘Meili’ 

Blue, Anita Wong’s Contemporary Traditional Photography series

Contemporary Traditional Photography
"BLUE" is a Contemporary Traditional Photography series – a collection of Sun prints from Wong's original Chinese paintings. Sun prints (AKA blue photograph) is photography without the use of camera.The title – "Blue" reflects the blues the artist faces as less and less young viewers appreciate and practice traditional painting in the digital age.The project is an "act"/ performance of the artist...

One of the four remaining Yangtze giant softshell turtles dies in China

Yangtze giant softshell turtle
One of the rarest turtles in the world, a Yangtze giant softshell turtle (Rafetus swinhoei, 斑 鱉), died in China, leaving only three remaining alive. The female specimen died in the Suzhou zoo in the south of China.Local staff and international experts had attempted to artificially inseminate the turtle, who was over 90 years old, for the fifth time shortly...

Portraits of trees of Hong Kong and Southern China

Portraits of trees of Hong Kong and Southern China
Hong Kong possesses an impressively diverse tree flora with 390 native species. This book celebrates the incredible diversity, beauty and biology of the territory’s tree species, highlighting over 100 important species that are individually illustrated in exquisitely detailed watercolour paintings by Sally Grace Bunker, an acclaimed botanical artist.The illustrations are accompanied by text that teases out a diversity of associated...

Chinese, Taiwanese and Hong Kong films announced at the Far East Film Festival 2019

Far East Film Festival is a film festival dedicated to Asian cinema which is held annually in Udine, Italy. Please read the full article here:Far East Film Festival 2019

Interview with Lu Qingyi, director of ‘Four Springs’

four-springs-lu qingyi
Lu Qingyi’s documentary film "Four Springs" celebrates everyday life as a unique experience. Lu Qingyi is a Chinese director from Dushan, Guizhou Province in southwest China.Read the interview here

China says it wants to ban cryptocurrencies

The main Chinese economic authority wants to ban the bitcoin mining industry, according to a list of industrial activities that the agency is trying to stop and which shows the strong government pressure to block the sector. The National Development and Reform Commission, NDRC (中华人民共和国 国家 发展 和 改革 委员会) has compiled a list of 450 activities to be eradicated...

Baidu CEO: AI will weaken people’s dependence on smartphones in two decades

Robin Li, CEO, and co-founder of the search engine giant Baidu said during 2019 Internet Yuelu Summit, that Artificial Intelligence will play an increasingly dominant role in everyday life and that the dependence of people on their smartphone will decrease over the next two decades. “Our living environment will be filled with all kinds of sensors and they will easily...