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Could China’s “Fake Moon” work?

china's fake moon
A few days ago the Chinese media (and others) talk about the project of launching a "fake moon" in orbit to illuminate the streets of Chengdu during the night. UPDATE: According to ABC, the project would consist of three artificial moons that will be sent starting in 2020. The mirrors made of reflecting materials should work alternately in order to...

Trump’s trade war is forcing Beijing to withdraw from its own anti-debt battle

massive chinese debt
Years of major investment projects have helped stimulate the double-digit growth of China's gross domestic product, turning the country into the world's second largest economy. China is moving away from the battle to pare the huge debt levels, while looking for ways to support the faltering economy. A Citi report on Monday said that this trend could prove "disastrous"...

Chinese satirical author Badiucao has just sent a #MWGA cap to Google Headquarters

badiucao-google-cap-#MWGA cap
Chinese political cartoonist, and rights activist Badiucao, has just delivered a special designed #MWGA (Make Wall Great Again) cap depicting Sundar Pichai to Google Headquarters for their great supporting to Chinese censorship. Related: Interview with Badiucao Badiucao is referring to the new disturbing Google Search Prototype for China, codenamed Dragonfly. The prototype has raised numerous concerns in the international media community. Not...

Manjiangwan Masterplan in China

The first phase of the Manjiangwan masterplan, in Northern China, is officially built. The first smart slow eco village of the country will provide a balanced mix of functions, from leisure facilities and activities to hospitality and retail, totally integrated with the surrounding natural landscape. Manjiangwan Masterplan is located in Jiangxin island in Manjiang Town, in Jilin Province, an area characterized...

China has a huge hidden debt, according to S & P Global

China may have to face a huge hidden debt, with potentially catastrophic consequences, following the boom in infrastructure projects scattered across the various Chinese provinces. S & P Global warns of potential risks related to Chinese debt. According to the report by S & P Global, local governments have accumulated a pile of hidden debts (between 5.5 and 6 trillion dollars),...

Interview: No.223, Art Photographer

no 223 - lin zhipeng -chinese gay photographer
No.223 (Lin Zhipeng, 林志鹏) is a photographer and freelance writer. He was born in Guangdong province and graduated from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies with major of financial English. No.223 is one of the most important members of the Chinese generation of photographers who have risen to prominence from social media. He started with a blog, that reach millions of...

2018 Hong Kong Cyclothon Brings the First Fierce Finale of the Hammer Series to Asia

On 14 October, more than 5,400 cycling professionals and enthusiasts raced through the city of Hong Kong at the annual Sun Hung Kai Properties Hong Kong Cyclothon, as the not-to-be-missed event on the international cycling calendar returned for the fourth straight year. Related: 30 Years of Bikes in China Eleven UCI WorldTour Teams, three Pro Continental Teams and the Hong Kong...

4 Chinese space companies to watch

chinese space companies
China is investing hugely in the sector in the private space sector. According to a recent report by Space Angels, China has gone from 0 to 3% of the world market within two years. Related articles: The photographic history of the Chinese space program Today, the entire sector has attracted $ 2 billion in investments. Chinese space companies have attracted around $ 69...

UPDATED – Cui Yongyuan, the anchorman who accused Fan Bingbing, disappeared after accusing Shanghai police of fraud

Cui Yongyuan missing
The television presenter who had triggered the investigation on the famous Chinese actress Fan Bingbing, who disappeared in July and re-emerged recently, seems to have disappeared after reporting corruption in the Shanghai police. UPDATE 11-20-2018: According to South China Morning Post, Fan Bingbing whistle-blower Cui Yongyuan denied being missing, and accused Chinese police of ignoring death threats he received. The...

China legalizes re-education camps for “religious extremists” in Xinjiang province

China re-education camps
The government of the autonomous province of Xinjiang, traditionally inhabited by the ethnic Uyghur minority, with a Muslim majority, has revised its legislation to allow "educating and transforming" people affected by extremism into "vocational training centers", a term used by Beijing to describe the network of re-education camps. The law, which came into force on Tuesday, comes right amid the...


china's fake moon

Could China’s “Fake Moon” work?

A few days ago the Chinese media (and others) talk about the project of launching a "fake moon" in orbit to illuminate the streets...
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