Xi urges stronger Chinese stand against ‘grim’ challenges

BEIJING (AP) — Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday urged a reinvigorated Communist Party to take a stronger role in society and economic development to better address the nation’s “grim” challenges as he opened a twice-a-decade national congress. Speaking in the massive Great Hall of the People near Tiananmen Square, Xi laid out his vision of a ruling party that...

China’s Xi looks to extend power at Communist Party congress

BEIJING (AP) — Having bested his rivals, Chinese President Xi Jinping is primed to consolidate his already considerable power as the ruling Communist Party begins its twice-a-decade national congress on Wednesday. By CHRISTOPHER BODEEN From meetings largely cloaked in secrecy, powerful players will emerge publicly in new roles, and Xi will address the nation to lay out his political and economic...

9 Chinese Native Plants that changed Western food culture and habits

Chinese native plants that shaped Western food culture and traditions. Every day, every moment of our lives, even the most trivial, to a more careful and curious look, can offer countless ideas to reflect on. Our eating habits and traditions, even the most established ones, embody stories of epic wars, trades, and other fascinating events. The food on our tables is...

China’s ruling Communist Party reasserts itself under Xi

Chinese Communist Party under Xi Jinping
Chinese Communist Party under Xi Jinping - BEIJING (AP) — Officials from the Communist Youth League of China felt they had to act: Busy with their education and careers, young Chinese were struggling in the romance department, with tens of millions unable to find partners. By CHRISTOPHER BODEEN So the organization best known for nurturing communist ideology among the young began...

18 Amazing Paintings of the Ming and Qing Dynasties (1368–1912) - Faces of China

Portrait of Yang Woxing
"Faces of China, Portrait Painting of the Ming and Qing Dynasties (1368-1912)" is Europe's first-ever grand exhibition explicitly dedicated to Chinese portrait paintings. A selection of more than 100 paintings from the collections of the Palace Museum Beijing and the Royal Ontario Museum Toronto, most of which have never been shown in Europe, spans a period of more than 500...

Property tycoon tops China’s rich list, Wanda boss slides

Xu-Jiayin - China's rich list
HONG KONG (AP) — Property tycoon Xu Jiayin has vaulted to the top of a Chinese rich list after his wealth quadrupled, knocking Wang Jianlin off his longtime position at No. 1. The Hurun Report, China’s best-known list of its wealthiest people, estimated that wealth held by Xu, founder of developer Evergrande, surged to $43 billion, moving him up nine...

Hong Kong leader: Reject threats to China’s sovereignty

HONG KONG (AP) — Hong Kong’s leader said Wednesday that residents of the southern Chinese city are obliged to reject threats to China’s sovereignty, in what appeared to be a veiled warning aimed at rising separatist sentiment. By KELVIN CHAN and YI-LING LIU Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s made the remarks in a policy speech carefully calibrated to avoid touching on politically...

Ways to stay secure and private

Ways to stay secure and private
Browsing the web in China is one thing but staying secure and private is still an important aspect that a lot of Internet users do not pay attention to no matter the location. by Jolie Lenkewicz A few easy tricks will help to make you more secure and not so easily traceable whether you’re in China or in an entirely different country,...

10 American native plants that changed Chinese food culture and habits

American native plants in China
The introduction of American native plants in China. The voyages to the Americas by Christopher Columbus represents a 'point of no return' for the history of humanity. From this moment on, the world became larger, the old world met the new, though this process wasn't painless. But this contact has very quickly conditioned and transformed culinary traditions, and customs not only...

516 Confucius Institutes founded in 142 countries

516 Confucius Institutes and 1,076 Confucius Classrooms have been established in 142 countries and regions, according to the Confucius Institute Headquarters. Confucius Institute (孔子学院, Kǒngzǐ Xuéyuàn) is non-profit educational organization affiliated with the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, whose aim is to promote and teach Chinese culture and language around the world. Among them, 135 Confucius Institutes...
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