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Interviews with Guobing Yang, RongRong & Inri, Hilda Shen, Zhang Bo, Zhang Chong, Wang Wen, Chen Donfang, Gan Jianyu, Webson Ji, Frode Z. Olsen, Yale…

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Interview with Pastry Chef TAOZI

Pastry Chef TAOZI majored in Art design, is the founder and Chinese partner of T Dessert. She was a director of the first-class magazine, and Art product design. She is a designer and trainer of dessert decoration in T Dessert now. Dessert decoration course is the first course in China which combines desserts with design….

chef May-Chow

Interview with Chef MAY CHOW

May Chow was raised between Hong Kong and Canada, by Shanghainese family. Her cross-cultural upbringing has influenced much of her east-meets-west culinary ethos, bringing people through Chinese cuisine both as an insider and an outsider. She trained and worked in Bangkok, Los Angeles, and Boston. She represented Hong Kong at food festivals such as “Omnivore”…


China 2019: One Year of Interviews

A series of exclusive interviews on Chinese culture conducted by Dominique Musorrafiti and Matteo Damiani: art, design, food, the Hong Kong protests, documentaries, history, fashion, food, rock, and cinema! Many of the interviews have appeared in our free digital magazine Planet China. Related article: List of the interviews of 2018 Interviews Interviews are listed in…

Empress Mingde Taking Care of Grandchildren

The art of Jiao Bingzhen during the Qing Dynasty

Jiao Bingzhen (焦秉贞; born in Jining, Shandong; 1689–1726) was a noted painter and astronomer. Related articles: The Jesuits at the Chinese Imperial Court, The Amazing Art of Giuseppe Castiglione at the Chinese Imperial Court He is regarded as one of the first Qing dynasty painters to be influenced by the Jesuits at the Directorate of…

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