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Interview with Badiucao: the worsening of Hong Kong’s situation, #nnevvy, and the tightening of censorship amid the Coronavirus outbreak

Badiucao is a prolific and talented satirical author and human rights activist based in Australia. We discussed with him about the recent wave of arrests in Hong Kong, the failed punitive expedition of the Chinese trolls against Thailand, and the censorship in the video games. Related topics: interview with Badiucao, satirical artist and activist Patreon…

The #nnevvy story: how a punitive expedition of Chinese trolls on Twitter has turned against the CCP

The controversy against a Thai actor and his girlfriend turned against the Chinese nationalist netizens closest to the CCP while demonstrating the Chinese propaganda machine’s inability to interpret and fully understand the feelings of young people from neighboring countries. On social networks, especially Twitter and Facebook, a war with no holds barred between Chinese trolls…

Interview with Science Fiction Writer Xia Jia

Xia Jia is Associate Professor of Chinese Literature at Xi’an Jiaotong University, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, has been publishing speculative fiction since college. Wang Yao, known by the pen name Xia Jia is a Chinese science-fiction and fantasy writer. She majored in Atmospheric Sciencesand receiving her Ph.D. in comparative literature and world literature…

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