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Interview with Artist & Illustrator Yulong Lli

Inspiring Shanghai Illustrator Yulong Lli turning draw and illustration artwork into a moment of joy and possibilities Yulong Lli is a Shanghai-based freelance illustrator who studied at the China Academy of Art and is represented by Richard Solomon in New York. In his drawings and illustrations, he seeks and explores new ways to tell stories…

1490 Ch’ing-yang Meteor Shower

The Ch’ing-yang event of 1490 (1490 年 慶陽 事件), also known as the Chi-ing-yang meteor shower (Qingyang, 陽 流星 雨), was a presumed meteor shower or air blast that occurred in Qingyang, a county at the time in Shaanxi, but today included in the province of Gansu, in the third lunar month, or between March…

30 Foods that might soon disappear because of climate change

When it comes to climate change, many people think more about climatic and atmospheric events, linked to the increase and decrease in our planet’s temperatures and possible natural disasters. Some envision apocalyptic cinematic scenarios, but other consequences of climate change are more subtle, which may not immediately appear catastrophic, instead might have a huge impact…

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