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Interview with Deadly Cradle Death

Deadly Cradle Death is an experimental, electronic, no wave, hip-hop duo, They formed in 2011 when He Fan (Birdstriking, Carsick Cars) met at a concert Liu Xingyu (Chui Wan). Where does the name ‘Deadly Cradle Death’ come from? Liu Xingyu (LXY):”Crib your enthusiasm” is one of the episodes of “1000 ways to die”, an American…

Interview with Glass Artist Meng Du

She is a glass artist that captures with her artworks untouchable moments that she would not like to forget. Meng Du graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts’s Graphic Design department, Beijing, fell in love with glass after seeing Chihuly’s exhibition and moved to the U.S.A. for M.A. in Glass Making at Rochester Institute of…

Interview with Painter Xue Mo

She paints the magnificence of  the inhabitants of Inner Mongolia. Xue Mo is a contemporary painter born in Inner Mongolia. She studied at Ximon Normal School, Art Department and got her Bachelor on Fine Arts, from Meitan Normal College. Xue Mo is internationally acclaimed for her subjects that represent female beauty. Her portraits are described…

Interview with Curator & Gallerist Echo He

She is a curator, gallerist, writer, art researcher, and vintage hat maker based in New York. Echo He is a curator, gallerist, writer, and milliner in New York. She is the Outreach and Programming Manager of Research and Archives Department at Pace Gallery, a leading contemporary art gallery with locations in New York, London, Beijing,…

Interview with Artist & Photographer Xing Danwen

Her subjects include conflicts between globalization and traditions, problematic environmental issues created by the development, the urban drama between desire and reality. Xing Danwen started her visual art practice with painting medium and took a professional study at the primary art school affiliated to Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts. She continued painting and did her…

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