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Ben Randall, Filmmaker
Sisters for sale. Human trafficking in China
By Matteo Damiani, 2016

Chen Zhen, artist
Transexperiences – Self-interview by Chen Zhen

Daniel Lee Postaer, photographer
Wild, Wild East
By Dominique Musorrafiti, 2017

Duo Duo, Chinese poet
The poet of the clouds
By Fabio Grasselli, 2004

Duran Levinson
China and Hong Kong Street Photography
By Dominique Musorrafiti, 2017

Guo Ke, Director
‘Comfort women’ documentary ‘Twenty Two’
By Matteo Damiani, 2017

Jia Zhangke, Director
A conversation with Jia Zhangke
By Matteo Damiani, 2001

John Carpenter, Director
Big Trouble in Little China
By Matteo Damiani, 2017

Luo Yang, Photographer

Nate Thayer, Journalist
How the Chinese recruit American journalists as spies
By Matteo Damiani, 2017

Robert G. Price
Chinese Science Fiction
By Matteo Damiani, 2017

Raymond Choi, Designer
Founder of Toy2R
By Dominique Musorrafiti, 2010

RongRong & Inri, Photographers
Interview with RongRong & Inri

Sam Voutas, Director
Red Light Revolution
By Matteo Damiani, 2010

Shadow Chen, Designer
Being an independent creative director in China
By Dominique Musorrafiti, 2017

Interview with VPN experts and market leaders in China
By Matteo Damiani, 2017

William L. Gibson and Paul Bruthiaux, Writers
The curious case of mr Alfred Raquez, a Parisian fugitive on the run in the Far East
By Matteo Damiani, 2017

Xiao Rong, Musician
Brain Failure
By Matteo Damiani, 2009

Zhang Yang
Getting Home
By Tony Rains, 2007

Zhou Xiaoqiang, Secretary of the Beijing UFO Research Organization
Ufo in China
By Matteo Damiani, 2008


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