Date(s) - 18/09/2019
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Salone dei tessuti, Showerooms, events

Location Address Via San Gregorio, 29

City Milano



A perfect balance between tradition and modernity, between innovation and quality. Zhao Huizhou, a Chinese designer with a master’s from the Politecnico di Milano where she learned about the charm of Italian fashion, does a perfect job of bringing together classical oriental beauty and timeless elegance mixed with the avant-garde of the contemporary.

The identity of the brand draws upon the extraordinary Asian attitudes towards trimmings that mix with the precision of clean and minimal design, a style that is born from Mis Zhao’s passion for art and the contamination with fashion that is capable of bringing together multiple languages.

A credo that led to the birth of the CENTENNIAL FASHION MUSEUM. Inspired by the arts and in order to foster the continuous innovative repetition of the DNA of the brand, Miss Zhao Huizhou became very interested in collecting all types of works of art from her own country and abroad. Her constant research into fashion, traditional culture and artistic value gave her the unique idea to share with the public the process of the evolution of culture and of immaterial fashion, and to create a museum of culture and the history of fashion.

Thanks to the HUI FOUNDATION, the museum has been able to successfully exhibit the designs of period costumes that range from the Qing dynasty to examples of embroidery that constitute the intangible cultural heritage of ethnic minorities, dating from the Republic of China, to the establishment of the People’s Republic of China, in times of reform and openness, and fi nally to the modern era.

This perfectly refl ects the historical evolution of Chinese contemporary fashion culture. The museum is committed to spreading Chinese art and culture throughout the world, guiding people’s aesthetic values and design concepts in China and raising public awareness of its cultural heritage. The idea of inheriting and innovating art and culture, bequeathing the aesthetic value of modern fashion through design, is refl ected directly in Hui’s fashion collection.

“Hui is more than just a brand, since 2016 it has also been a foundation dedicated to the protection and promotion of the artisanal and ancestral techniques of Chinese culture, and its goal is to use art and design to develop projects for the public good that are focused on poverty reduction and, in particular, improving quality of life for women and children,” states the designer.

The Hui Foundation encourages donations and organizes cultural tours for students, accompanying them to the outskirts of Guizhou, going to villages far away from tourist destinations, so they can come in contact with the locals and have a real cultural experience. The goal is to create relationships: with the students who are spiritually enriched by the culture of the places visited and the inhabitants of these villages. Thanks to this support the local women are able to continue working so as not to lose the extraordinary artisanal and manual heritage that makes them unique.

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