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Wearable Nature: The Gain and Give of Fashion

Date(s) - 19/09/2021 - 05/12/2021
All Day

China National Silk Museum

Location Address 73-1 Yuhuangshan Rd, Xihu Qu

City Hangzhou

Country/State Zhejiang

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China National Silk Museum is holding a new exhibition which started on September 19 and runs to December 5, entitled “Wearable Nature: The Gain and Give of Fashion.” With over 300 collections in the exhibition, some new to the public, it displays both Western and Chinese clothing history, nature research, and the possibility of fully sustainable fashion in the future.

The exhibition reviews the history of nature and fashion, in addition to the contemporary development and role of sustainable fashion in solving many environmental issues. ‘Wearable Nature: the Gain and Give of Fashion’ endeavors to encourage more people to not just respect nature, but also implore them to start protecting nature as repayment for all it has given us. Well-known Chinese fashion designer Xiong Ying commented while visiting the exhibition, “Maintaining the relationship between nature and fashion is vital.”

The four parts of the exhibition are:

Long-Distance Trade Brings Fashion to the World

Commercial trade has connected separate countries into a whole world. In the 18th century, with maritime trade fully opened, those unique materials and techniques could be worked together to create dresses, bags, and accessories for people who had never been to those countries.

Production of Clothing

Material is what all clothes are made from. People discovered that natural fibers could be woven into textiles for clothes. Other than nature’s fibers, nature offered ways for bones or branches, that were too hard to weave, to also play a role in human fashion.

Projection from Nature

Almost all patterns project some natural elements and charming nature provides seemingly endless fashion inspiration. Designers adore live animals and plants, recording them on textiles through embroidery, brocade, and printing techniques. Different cultures all have their own methods of expression for describing nature in patterns.

Protection of Nature

Although fashion takes materials and inspiration from nature, it does not repay nature’s kindness. The fashion industry has caused serious environmental problems so it seems impossible that fashion and nature can develop peacefully. Fortunately, many industry workers have started to positively solve the environmental problems that exist in the fashion world, starting a new concept called “sustainable fashion,” which strives to recalibrate the balance between nature and fashion.

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