Tech Art Salon “The Digital Ancient”


    Date(s) - 03/09/2019
    6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


    Location Address Bouchéstraße 12

    City Berlin



    Tech Art Salon “The Digital Ancient”

    Tuesday, September 3, 2019 at 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
    Bouchéstraße 12, 12435 Berlin, Germany

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    Presenting artists (in alphabetical order): Jon-Carlos Evans (ReVerse Bullets/KVK), Christian Loclair (Waltz Binaire Studio), Adrian Pocobelli.

    The Digital Age has rapidly shifted away from all historic periods that preceded it in the sense that physical objects have, in many ways, lost their value. Many people as they read this, either present in person or present in front of their computer screens, might object to my statement. “No,” they would say, “I hold dear the artworks I purchased throughout the years. They are irreplaceable by digital prints.” Photography lovers would say, “Instagram is saturated with digital images, but I always prefer analogue.” In fact, the more saturated our daily life is with digital images, the more analogue film will appeal to people because there is a certain sacredness to an image that has material weight. And most importantly, such an image can be owned. By associating the special value of art with a physical existence, the physical existence of art has become ancient. Just like my father’s polaroid camera is ancient, ancient in the sense of obsolete. “The Digital Ancient” speaks of a disjunction, between the material ages before, and the digital age now, where art, among other things in our life, has become dematerialized.

    There will be three artists or artist groups presenting their latest tech-art projects all under the topic of “The Digital Ancient.” These projects are still work in progress or about to be launched, so they are all potentially looking for input from the tech art community to help them realize the projects, including but not limited to conceptual input, technical support, connections, suggestion for funding opportunities, etc.

    If you are an artist or a technical person with an interesting art idea, you are also welcome to come pitch your project or idea to the host of the salon (Q. Lei) in person. We might be able to host a pitching event for you, if we find other interesting projects under a similar theme.

    The evening is also for everyone who is interested in tech-art to share their opinions on important social issues related to the latest technologies. This time, the issues that will be covered include AI and creativity, the translation of ancient knowledge to the digital age, algorithms and the freedom of music, AI music, etc.




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