Martin Wehmer Solo Exhibition: Qi

    Martin Wehmer

    Date(s) - 15/09/2018 - 18/11/2018
    All Day

    Pékin Fine Arts (Beijing)

    Location Address No. 241 Cao Chang Di Village Cui Ge Zhuang, Chao Yang District

    City Beijing



    Pékin Fine Arts is pleased to present Martin Wehmer’s latest paintings in his 1st solo exhibition with the gallery.

    Wehmer, born in Germany and a long-time Beijing resident, works from his studio not far from Cao Changdi Village, and is actively engaged in the Beijing art scene.

    “As an artist deeply committed to the practice of painting, Wehmer considers carefully its continued relevancy in examining ways of seeing. Using the painterly vocabulary of Abstract Expressionism, including complex pictorial structuring and color relationships, he explores figuration and means of representation. While his painting clearly utilizes the lineage of Non-Objective Art, the works are still primarily situated in the context of figuration and representation. It is this delicate balance between gestural abstraction as seen in the structured physicality of his paintings with their thick, almost sculptural paint, and the means by which representation is defined, that has been a primary pursuit in his practice. This consistent oscillation between abstraction and representation is grounded in both broad methodology and deep-rooted painting philosophy. He brings to the Chinese art scene a mature practice that actively seeks to revitalize the act of viewing the canvas as a dynamic visual experience based on complexly structured surfaces that refer back directly to their making on a two-dimensional flat plane.” – Excerpt from the critical essay by Gordon Laurin, 2017.


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