Date(s) - 24/11/2017 - 26/11/2017
    All Day

    Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center


    CHOCEX 2017 (CHOCOLATE EXPO SHANGHAI 2017) is the first chocolate focused expo in China while more and more people enjoy this amazing sweetness.

    And CHOCEX 2017 in November is the second edition of this expo.


    Black Chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, single origin chocolate, protein chocolate, nuts chocolate, filled chocolate, mousse chocolate, liqueur chocolate

    Chocolate snacks

    Chocolate pie, chocolate biscuits, chocolate waffle, chocolate beans, chocolate rolls, chocolate candies, chocolate bars, chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake, chocolate mooncake, chocolate jelly, etc

    Chocolate beverage

    Chocolate coffee, chocolate milk, chocolate soy milk, chocolate yogurt, chocolate shake, cocoa beverage

    Chocolate gifts/package/artwork

    Chocolate Gift, chocolate package, chocolate mold artwork, chocolate costume artwork

    Raw materials/ingredients

    Cocoa nuts/butter/powder/cream, chocolate cream, chocolate powder, milk, nuts, matcha, sugar, syrup, defatted milk powder, butter oil, refined edible vegetable oil, concentrated juice, pectin, emulsifier, flavorant, protein powder, alcohol

    Chocolate manufacture tools/chocolate machines

    Handmade Chocolate molds, other handmade chocolate tools, chocolate pencils, chocolate melter, chocolate foundation machine, chocolate 3D Printer

    Chocolate equipment

    Chocolate manufacture equipment, cocoa processing equipment, chocolate packaging equipment, chocolate showcase, chocolate storage equipment

    Brand chocolate shops/ chain-store franchise/ Academy

    Brand chocolate shops, DIY Chocolate shop, bakery, ice cream shop, handmade chocolate academy

    Chocolate, just like Diamond, everything that brings people sweet and romantic imaginations would capture their minds

    We will make every efforts to build an international professional platform for chocolate culture with globalized perspectives and aesthetic appreciation. To grasp every business opportunities, to share the world leading chocolate tendency and to build a bridge for innovative and efficient communications between exhibitors and purchasers.