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Chinese-Americans everyday lives in 1950-60s

Date(s) - 01/11/2017 - 03/12/2017
12:00 am

Overseas Chinese History Museum of China

Location Address 16 East Chang'an Avenue, Dongcheng District

City Beijing



Chinese-American photographer Zhao Xianzao’s photographs are currently on display at the Overseas Chinese History Museum of China in Beijing.

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The exhibition, featuring more than 120 photos taken by Zhao mainly during the 1950s and 1960s, runs through Dec. 3.

Featuring 10,000 items, including photos, documents and artifacts from daily life, the Overseas Chinese History Museum of China is the first institution dedicated to telling the story of Chinese migrants throughout history.

The 81-year-old had won the first prize in The Boston Globe Photo Contest for three consecutive years from 1955.

Zhao, who emigrated to the United States in 1951, recorded how Chinese-American people lived with his camera and lens.

Speaking of his favorite image in the exhibition, Zhao points to a photo of a laundry worker in Massachusetts: “When I took this shot, I didn’t think it was a good picture. However, as time goes by, the photo continues to remind me of the hard times many Chinese immigrants faced when they came to the United States. Many opened laundries just to make a living.”

Huang Heqing, 49, visited the exhibition on its opening day in Dongcheng on Oct. 31. She was touched by the hustle and bustle of the street life captured by Zhao.

“The strong sense of everyday life in these photos made me start to miss my childhood. I recognize the old streets where vendors sold fried dough sticks, fruit and fish. I used to play cards with my friends on street corners like these,” says Huang.

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