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A Taste of Ikebana – Workshop

Date(s) - 15/08/2020 - 03/10/2020
All Day

Fou Gallery

Location Address 410 Jefferson Ave #1, Brooklyn

City New York

Country/State New York


New York – Fou Gallery is delighted to invite you to our Ikebana Workshop on four Saturdays from August to October, responding to our first exhibition since the COVID-19 pandemic, Shuling Guo: 5—6 pm.

As a participant, you will enjoy the Ikebana performance led by Ye Zi, and have a chance to immerse yourself in the serene and tender atmosphere composed by Guo’s paintings.

A Taste of Ikebana (8/15, 8/22, 9/12, 10/3, 2020)

Poster: Ziyan Luo

Time | 时间:

2020.08.15(周六)上午场10:30 am–12:30 pm; 下午场3–5 pm

2020.08.22(周六)上午场10:30 am–12:30 pm; 下午场3–5 pm

2020.09.12 (周六)上午场10:30 am–12:30 pm; 下午场3–5 pm

2020.10.03 (周六)上午场10:30 am–12:30 pm

Location | 地点: Fou Gallery, 410 Jefferson Avenue, #1, Brooklyn, New York, NY 11221

Florist | 花艺师: Ye zi 叶子

Ticket | 费用:$70 课程费用 + $ 30 花材费(线下支付)

Maximum number of participants per workshop| 每场人数限额:5

Shuling Guo: “5—6 pm” installation view. Photograph by Lynn Hai ©Shuling Guo, courtesy Fou Gallery.


Inspired by Shuling Guo’s two painting series 5—6 pm and Skin, Florist Ye Zi will teach Ikebana flower arrangement in pottery vases with the participants. Ikebana, the traditional Japanese floral art that is also known as Kadō, respects the natural characteristics of plants, intending to create serene forms with profound connotations. The floristic materials used in the arrangement are pure and simple, and the different states of flowers, leaves, and branches represent the past, present, and future of life. The spirit of Ikebana speaks to the essence of Shuling Guo’s paintings: both of them respect and value the changes of nature, seeking a sense of inner peace in the everlasting progression of time.

Ye Zi will use plants from the late summertime season to construct a rigorous Ikebana piece. Every participant will also be provided with a special summer drink and dessert customized made by Fou Gallery.

A Taste of Ikebana at Fou Gallery (Dec. 21, 2019), Photo by JingLin

纽约 – 否画廊诚挚邀请您参加《花道一触》工作坊。本次花道活动将在八月至十月的四个周六举行,并与否画廊重开后的首个展览《郭淑玲:5—6 pm》相互呼应。活动参加者将跟随花艺师叶子进行传统花道体验,同时有机会置身于艺术家郭淑玲的绘画所打造的环境里,体验其中宁静而柔软的氛围。

花艺师叶子将会以郭淑玲的两个绘画系列——《5—6 pm》和《皮肤》——为灵感进行日式花道(Ikebana)创作,并带领观众完成一件瓶花作品。日式花道(Ikebana或Kadō),是一种传统的日本插花艺术,它尊重植物的本性和姿态,意在创造宽宏的意境与深邃的内涵。日式花道花材用量少、姿态简洁,以花与枝叶的盛开、待放、含苞代表过去、现在、将来。花道的精髓与郭淑玲的绘画内涵相一致:它们都尊敬且珍惜自然的变化,并在时间的无尽流动中寻求一种内心的平和。


Flower Artist: Ye Zi
Flower Artist: Ye Zi


Ye Zi has been studying Ikebana, the traditional Japanese flower arrangement, since 2017. She is a student of Paula Tam, the former president of Ikebana International New York Chapter (2013-2015). Her works have been exhibited at Fou Gallery and the 2019 Blue Cloud Gala at China Institute. At the end of 2019, Ye held her first solo Ikebana exhibition Forma Calli- at The Blanc Gallery. Fascinated by the emphasis on shape, line, and form of the plants in Ikebana, Ye Zi aims to embrace those principles of Ikebana and input her own aesthetic conception into the arrangements she creates.


毕业于纽约大学表演艺术管理专业,2017年开始系统学习传统日式插花(Ikebana),师从前国际日本插花会(Ikebana International)纽约分会会长宝拉·谭(Paula Tam)。作品曾在纽约否画廊和China Institute 2019 Blue Cloud Gala 展出。2019年底,于纽约The Blanc Gallery举办了首次花艺个展”Forma Calli-“。在她眼中,植物如舞者般拥有变化着的姿态。她将日式插花对于观察植物的形态、线条、表情的理念充分融入自己的创作中,并呈现出独具个人特色的花艺作品。

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