Chinese decor

Chinese paintings, Chinese wall fans, Chinese Furniture and other Chinese works produced in Asia.

Chinese Wall Fans :: Lucky Blossoms

Chinese Wall Fans Lucky Blossoms
This fabulous large Chinese wall fan features a stunning bouquet of red blossom flowers set against a gold-orange background. Gold is an important color...

Chinese Wall Fans : Wisdom of the Peacocks

Peacocks generally symbolize openness and acceptance but in Buddhism they symbolize wisdom. Here two magnificent-appearing peacocks face each other, representing the duality of all...

Paper Umbrellas : Dragon and Phoenix Umbrella

Dragon and Phoenix Umbrella
This attention-grabbing paper umbrella features the dragon and phoenix. The two creatures are portrayed in white against a red background shade. The dragon is synonymous...

Chinese Wall Fans : Bamboo Moon

Bamboo Moon
This stunning Chinese wall fan features a golden bamboo stalk illuminated by a full moon. The background of the fan is solid black, accentuating the...

Paper Umbrellas : Koi Fish and Lillies

Koi Fish and Lillies
This gorgeous Asian paper parasol features a colorful design of koi fish and lily flowers. Koi Fish and Lillies Near the center of the shade is...

Chinese Wall Fans : Golden Growth

Golden Growth
Three lucky bamboo shoots with cherry blossom flowers is the theme of this unique Chinese wall fan. A gorgeous gold background color creates a stark...

Paper Umbrellas : Blood Rooster and Dragon

Blood Rooster and Dragon
A blood rooster and dragon in gold color create the motif of this brilliant paper umbrella. Blood Rooster and Dragon The background of the shade is...

Paper Umbrellas : Watercolor Flower Umbrella

Watercolor Flower Umbrella
One of our most beautiful paper umbrellas, this awesome parasol features a colorful medley of flowers. Paper Umbrellas : Watercolor Flower Umbrella The flowers are...