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CinaOggi.it and China-underground.com are two websites focused on China.

Ghost Cities in China

China Uncensored produced an interesting video about the rampant phenomenon of Ghost Cities in China: Ordos, Luliang and others. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZdBeczDLpA
go lala go-New Beijing

Brave New Beijing

Recently a book and a movie, both based in Beijing, gave me some insights about China’s present and future. by Alessandro De Toni The first one...

Coca Cola sponsor of the Chinese police

Coca Cola donated 500 Coke-branded tents to Kunming police. The tents read in Chinese: "Security, control and protection. Harmonious community, safe Kunming." The image was...
Muslim man -Dali - Yunnan - Islam in China

Islam in China

In the popular imagination China has often been regarded as an ethnically, socially and politically homogenous society, an idea that the government in Beijing...


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