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The Cat Art Show 2024 Hosts World’s Largest Cat Painting: Anita Yan Wong’s “Spring Dance”

Yuan Ru Art Center Opens Doors to Cat Art Enthusiasts for Summer 2024

The Cat Art Show 2024 will open its doors to the public from June 15 to July 21, 2024, at the Yuan Ru Art Center in Bellevue, Washington. The show will highlight the world’s largest cat painting, titled “Spring Dance,” alongside works by notable artists Anita Yan Wong, Young Cho, and Ashley Grammer. Visitors can view the exhibition on weekends from 12 PM to 4 PM or schedule weekday appointments by calling 425-582-8878.

“Spring Dance,” is a monumental work by Anita Yan Wong. Wong, an Asian American artist renowned for her expressive brush strokes and “Contemporary Traditional” style, draws on her heritage as a 4th generation Lingnan painter. Lingnan painting, originating in Southern China in the late 19th century, blends Chinese, Japanese, and Western painting techniques.

Wong’s illustrious career includes teaching stints at UC Berkeley, Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), School of Visual Arts (SVA), and Temple University. She transitioned to full-time artistry in 2015 and has since gained international recognition. Her work has been showcased in over 90 cultural and art publications, including N.Y. Arts, ESPN, and the Bruce Lee Family Foundation. Wong has also received several accolades, such as the first place in wall art at the Design Philadelphia Award and the Fellowship Award from the Robert B. McMillen Foundation.

The Yuan Ru Art Center is an extension of the Yuan Ru Gallery, established in 2016 in Taipei by Dr. Julie Hsieh. The gallery is known for its contemporary art exhibitions and has participated in numerous international art fairs, including the Venice Art Biennale and the Seattle Art Fair. It features works from both established and emerging artists, representing Taiwan’s vibrant art scene to the world.

For more details on The Cat Art Show 2024 and the exhibition of “Spring Dance,” visit the Yuan Ru Art Center during the specified times or contact them directly for appointments.

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