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Planet China vol. 16

Celebrating women who push boundaries VI: International Women’s Day 2024

Voices of Inspiration: Interviews with Women Leaders in Art and Science

Interviews with Jasmine Chen, Katrine Cheng, Su Yang, Yuqing Liu, Amanda Ruiqing Flynn, Claudia Chanhoi, Cici Cool, Su Hanwei

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From childhood through their educational journey, students encounter the narratives of great strategists, thinkers, writers, scientists, artists, revolutionaries, and politicians who have shaped the world we live in. However, they encounter relatively few women’s names in this context. This absence prompts critical questions: Where were the women, and what were their contributions? Addressing this gap requires the creation of new and alternative references that highlight women who have made significant contributions in various fields, both in the past and present.

In an era characterized by the prevalence of fake news, where misinformation can be readily disseminated, rigorous research, in-depth analysis, and effective communication are vital to combatting prejudices and misunderstandings. Communicating constantly has never been more important. Sharing and telling the different stories of contemporary women is a way to create inclusion and understanding. The importance of allyship and female sisterhood promotes the empowerment and full participation of women in all areas.

Topics: inspiring stories of Chinese women artists

Last Updated on 2024/03/08

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