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Asian Hall of Fame’s 19th Induction to Support Humanitarian Causes

Last Updated on 2023/10/18

Humanitarian Aid and Academy Fellows: A Dual Focus for the Asian Hall of Fame.

The Asian Hall of Fame will be conducting their 19th Annual Induction Ceremony on October 21, 2023, at the Biltmore Los Angeles. This year, the event aims to provide aid for the crisis relief in Israel and support the Academy Fellows.

Maki Hsieh, President & CEO of the Asian Hall of Fame, highlighted the significant contributions of Asian and Indigenous communities to the global landscape. She mentioned, “Asian and Indigenous achievements play a pivotal role in shaping the progress of the United States and enhancing global unity. The 2023 inductees are a testament to the spirit of resilience and compassion that we hope to foster for future generations.”

The induction event will feature performances from notable artists such as Robby Krieger (The Doors), Ed Roth (Joe Walsh), Hiro Yamamoto (Soundgarden), Maki Mae (America’s Got Talent), Linda Taylor, and Leo Costa. KTLA 5 morning anchor, Frank Buckley, will be overseeing the event as the Master of Ceremonies.

Founded in 2004 by the Robert Chinn Foundation, the Asian Hall of Fame was created to commemorate the foundation family’s 160-year presence in America. Transitioning to a nonprofit charity in 2020, the organization has been pivotal in promoting cross-cultural collaboration both locally and nationally. Past endeavors include supporting the Kako’o Maui initiative to achieve their $2 million target and providing aid to Monterey Park families, Ukraine refugees, and the United Nations crisis fund for Turkey.

Furthermore, since 2019, the Academy Fellows program has been instrumental in providing young scholars with mentors, technical grants, and in some instances, emergency housing and a stipend. These fellows have been part of various educational institutions across the U.S., ranging from Santa Monica College to the University of Washington. Recently, over 40 university-based artist-scholars became part of the Academy through Artellect, an innovative arts initiative spearheaded by Stanford University affiliates Peter Lee and Andrew Lee.

The Asian Hall of Fame continues its mission established in 2004 to bolster societal development by promoting Asian and Indigenous leadership and contributions on a global scale. Their annual programs focus on fostering cross-cultural exchanges, training the youth, championing women entrepreneurs, and endorsing impactful legislation.

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