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Boracay: The Philippines’ Finest

Boracay is one of the most visited spots in the whole of the Philippines; a tiny little speck of paradise around 200 miles south of Manila. It’s a dreamy destination for couples looking for a romantic break, as well as one of the best places in the world to kitesurf, and frankly a pretty luxurious and delightful vacation spot for almost anyone. It’s hard not to fall in love with this gorgeous island!

One of the best things about Boracay is how tiny it is! Coming in at just under five miles long and less than a mile wide, you can quite easily walk the entire island in a day. Despite its diminutive proportions, it still boasts 13 gorgeous beaches, as well as plenty of great restaurants and hotels.

Getting to Boracay is an adventure in itself, but it isn’t too hard. Boracay is one of the best places to take a cruise, but you can also get there on your own, by flying to Kalibo or Caticlan on the island of Panay then jumping on a ferry from Cagban Jetty to the island itself. If you are packing for a trip to this little drop of heaven, check out some of the best things to do on Boracay.

White Beach and Beyond

The crown jewel of Boracay, White Beach is what has put it on the map. A vast, 2.5 mile stretch of glittering white sand, fringed by swaying palms and azure-blue waters, it is almost cliched in its tropical beauty, and the highlight for any beach lover. But while White Beach gets the headlines, there are plenty of other delightful spots around the island that are perfect if you want to escape the crowds. Discover flying foxes and puka shells at Puka Beach, kitesurfing at Bulabog Beach, and the remarkable sunsets at Diniwid Beach.

Ariel’s Point

For a real jolt of excitement and rush of adrenaline, cliff-diving at Ariel’s Point is a must. This towering cliff looks out over deep, clear blue water, and is one of the most exhilarating activities to be found on Boracay.

Mount Luho

If you find you’ve had enough relaxation on the beach, head out for a trek up Mount Luho, the highest peak on the island. It is only around 370ft above sea level, so it is a manageable hike for almost anyone, and the views from the top are truly spectacular. The panoramic view of the island is one of the best ways to experience Boracay.

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Last Updated on 2021/12/02

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