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Chery presents the new EQ1 miniature electric vehicle

Last Updated on 2021/11/11

Chery’s new EQ1 was first launched in China in 2017. After several iterations of evolution, its sales volume exceeded 200,000 in four years and it ranks No.1 in accumulative sales in the same price range.

Intelligence has become the inevitable trend of travel in the future, the new EQ1 has been upgraded to the leading position in this field.

The new EQ1 is provided with an automatic parking system, with a series of remote control features, like remote air conditioning starting, charging appointment, etc. In addition, it is equipped with a 10-inch high-definition LCD screen, AI intelligent voice interaction, mobile wireless charging to keep your phone fully charged any time, and Baidu Car-Life+4GWi-Fi to keep fun online anytime and bring the fashionable and intelligent experience.

New EQ1 comes with an upgraded body structure & a three-in-one modularization motor for the best reliability. It adopts the full aluminum structure of bionic bird bone, cage-like 3-D passenger space, and segmented progressive collapsing-type front longitudinal beam structure to create a high safety cab space; the grade of environmental proof against dust and water for the battery pack has been upgraded to IP68, and can against multi-angle collision, high sensitive thermal control management system and high-voltage protection system. Dual protection builds a high safety baseline, and comprehensive active and passive safety configuration always protects users along every journey.

In addition, the EQ1 is equipped with Chery’s new three-in-one modularization motor, which improves the motor integration by 70%, reduces the volume occupation of the vehicle by 25%, and the weight by 15%, and has lower energy consumption with higher total endurance; in addition, the new model is equipped with an integrated thermal management system, which improves the cooling efficiency by 20%.

As one of the first enterprises to develop new energy vehicles in China, Chery has been conducting research and development of new energy technologies since 1999. The accumulative sales volume from January to July was 47656units, up 212.5% year on year. It is believed that in the near future, Chery’s new energy models will also be launched in key global markets such as Southeast Asia,South America, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe, bringing surprising new energy traveling experiences to users around the world.


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