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Three Reasons China Should Top Your List of Study Abroad Destinations

Let’s face it, after college the possibility of spending large amounts of time in another country outside of job placement is pretty small, life gets in the way and giving ourselves permission to pack up and go becomes challenging with age and increased responsibilities, this is why you should take full advantage in your collegiate years.

Studying abroad for any length of time can be affordable and, in some scenarios, fit into your existing budget for college. Private student loans are a good option however for any extra costs that cannot be covered out of pocket. The application and approval process for most student loans is fast and simple, giving you flexibility to decide when the time is right to take this leap. China specifically lends itself to international degrees because their tuition fees can be significantly less than American universities giving you the opportunity to borrow less but experience more.

Creative Housing Options

Living away from home in any capacity can be expensive but China has plenty of ways for students to control those costs. Residence halls exclusively for students are affordable and also provide comfort and community to international students, being housed with a near students in a similar situation as you can make you feel physically and emotionally safe while you navigate your studies in this foreign culture. An exceptionally creative way to control living costs is to consider living with a host family, this opportunity gives you front row access to the language, customs, and cuisine of the country from an insider’s perspective. Once you have acquired your student loan this is a good topic to consult their Client Happiness team on, as those professionals may have knowledge and resources that expand beyond yours and the more you know the more comfortable you will feel.

Scholarships for International Students

The Chinese government has created a scholarship program targeted at international students to stand out as an attractive choice for those considering which new country is right for them. Partial or full tuition can be covered with the variety of scholarships offered by different universities, and candidates seeking out both undergrad and post graduate degrees may be applicable. Researching and obtaining these scholarships can also create some freedom in the size student loan you take or possibly even free up some personal funds to be able to make prepayments on your loan post-graduation.

Stand Out from Your Competitors

Adding an international university to your resume will not only create professional opportunities for you that span the globe but will also showcase what makes you more attractive to potential employers because of your unique experiences. Braving a foreign country and an unfamiliar culture proves undoubtedly that you are an individual who is adventurous, open minded, and adaptable, all skills necessary for virtually any job in any field. China is such an economically powerful country there are endless opportunities that you will have insider access to simply because you are immersed in it already, earning your education in this country is an investment in your future that will only grow in value over time.

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