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US senators ask Netflix to rethink the Three-Body Problem series after Liu Cixin’s Uighur comments

Last Updated on 2020/10/31

Five American senators have asked Netflix to reconsider the adaptation of The Three-Body Problem by Liu Cixin, winner of the Hugo Award in 2015, after the author comments on the internment camp system in Xinjiang.

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The risk, according to them, is to normalize the brutal repression of the Uyghur minority in the country.

Five Republican senators have asked to reconsider Netflix plans to adapt the best-selling book The Three-Body Problem, following the writer’s comments in support of the Chinese government against the treatment of Uighurs.

In a letter to Netflix, senators said they were concerned about Netflix’s decision to support Chinese Communist Party propaganda.

The letter cites Liu’s interview with the New Yorker when the writer asked the interviewer if he preferred terrorist attacks on train stations or schools to the generous opportunity offered by the Chinese government to help the Uyghur minority out of poverty, adding that if security measures in the country were to slow down, the consequences would be terrifying.

The Chinese government is accused by dozens of international governments, by NGOs, the media, independent organizations of having created a complex system of internment camps disguised as vocational centers, where more than one million Uighur citizens have been amassed, where they are subjected to continuous physical and psychological torture, rape, forced sterilization, forced separation. The prisoners are also used as forced labor for Chinese manufacturing. A recent report released by an Australian think tank identified around 380 detention camps in the region, many of which were recently renovated or newly built.

Netflix is ​​accused, like other American companies, of servility towards the Chinese Communist Party, in order not to lose access to the lucrative Chinese market.

Netflix replied that the service is not available in China, and that Mr. Liu Cixin is the author of the book and not the television series, that he disagrees with the views expressed by the author, but that they are unrelated to this production.

Netflix announced in September that co-creators of the Games of Thrones television series David Benioff and DB Weiss would adapt the work, co-audited by author Alexander Wool.

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