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Hong Kong postpones legislative council elections over coronavirus fears

Last Updated on 2020/07/31

Hong Kong Governor Carrie Lam during a press conference said that the elections for the Legislative Council due to take place on September 6 have been postponed, adding that the move is supported by the Chinese central government.

Early this week, the Hong Kong government prevented 12 prominent pro-democracy candidates from taking part in the election, including political activist Joshua Wong  (you can find our interviews herehere and here).

The local government said that the delay was decided for public health reasons and to “ensure the correctness of the elections”.

The decision appears to have been made after the worrying increase in coronavirus cases in recent weeks.

According to pro-democracy exponents, the delay is dictated by the need to avoid a heavy defeat in the elections for the legislative council, especially after the adoption of the controversial   new national security law which prohibits secession, subversion, terrorism, and collusion with foreign forces.

The recent primaries to select pro-democracy candidates had attracted more than 600,000 voters, far more than the 170,000 expected by the organizers.

Just last year, the pro-democratic candidates had won the local elections avalanche.

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12 Hong Kong pro-democracy including Joshua Wong banned from running in the 2020 Legislative Council election

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