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China Mobile teams up with Ubitus to launch 5G Cloud Game Streaming Service (UGAME)

Ubitus K.K., the worldwide cloud gaming technology leader, and China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited, the advanced telecommunication service provider in Hong Kong, China, are excited to announce their partnership in 5G cloud gaming service.

CMHK hosts the grand opening of a new cloud gaming service flagship store in Central today.

CMHK is the first operator in Hong Kong to launch its gaming service “UGAME” on mobile and UTV devices. It selects Ubitus to help shape the future of mobile game streaming and strengthen the service in this year. This new UGAME service is exclusive to CMHK customers from today. The strategy is taking subscription plans to attract more 5G users by offering advanced performance powered by CMHK 5G network. Users will be able to download the updated app in Google Play. Together, Ubitus and CMHK will expect on expanding the service over Hong Kong.

Now UGAME platform is providing 40 titles with various types of games from action, adventure, fighting, and causal allows gamers to choose from the subscription of best PC and console videogames, with supports of the latest 5G network. Users can experience UGAME service for free from now on during the beta stage.

With CMHK’s 5G Streaming Game service supported by Ubitus can deliver instant console gaming experiences by subscription based on demand without the need for users to equip with expensive high-end computers or game consoles as prerequisites. Users will be able to get a taste of streaming game live over 5G and see how it revolutionizes the gaming experience by combining the best videogames with the quality of CMHK network. Gamers are able to use a smartphone or a TV with a gamepad to get a foretaste of WRC, KOF and Metro 2033 Redux over 5G.

“Ubitus is delighted to collaborate with CMHK for 5G cloud gaming by using our industry-leading technologies. Bringing new business model, technological strengths and global connections in the gaming industry meet with CMHK leading position in Hong Kong, we expect consumers will enjoy the next level cloud gaming and pioneer 5G services,” said Wesley Kuo, CEO of Ubitus.

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