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Ascential Acquires Yimian Data as part of Edge by Ascential, Delivering Leading Innovative Digital Commerce Solutions Worldwide

Ascential, the specialist global information company, has acquired Yimian Data (renamed ‘Yimian by Ascential’ after the acquisition, hereafter referred to as ‘Yimian’), a leading AI-powered digital commerce data solutions provider from China, and has integrated it as a division of Edge by Ascential, its digital commerce insights and advisory subsidiary.

The enhanced business now delivers multi-channel digital commerce insights and advice to empower customers to win in the world’s most competitive and complex digital commerce markets, adding deeper expertise in China and other APAC digital commerce platforms.

“The newly integrated business generates an exciting new proposition for companies looking to grow their digital commerce business, whether they are looking to tap into the growth of China, across APAC or all global markets,” said Duncan Painter, CEO of Ascential. “Ascential is committed to continuously exploring innovative solutions that empower customers to win in the digital economy. We are privileged to add the strength of China’s excellent homegrown innovation to our arsenal.”

As one of the industry’s most renowned names worldwide, Ascential recognizes Yimian for its expertise in China’s complex, massive and fast-growing digital commerce market and its perfect synergy with Ascential’s existing service offerings across the US, Europe and APAC ecommerce marketplaces. Alongside the existing Edge by Ascential APAC business, this acquisition combines two of the industry’s strongest players to bring holistic solutions to the world’s leading brands.

“Ascential’s proven global reputation and resources equip us with the confidence to support companies at every level of their growth,” said Tony Ren, CEO of Yimian. “With our deep roots in technology, we will continue to serve as the industry’s driver of innovation. We will leverage our expertise to continuously support customers in a new retail industry that grows more connected and complex by the day.”

The integrated business delivers improved expertise in data analytics powered by leading technology to help brands drive superior growth in digital commerce through consumer, shopper, and retailer insights across multiple channels. That empowers customers to optimize their ecommerce sales, identify key drivers of business growth, challenges and risks, and expand the boundaries of what is possible in digital commerce. Yimian generates sophisticated insights in real-time to create the knowledge to win. The resulting solutions optimize decision-making with future-proof strategies along every detailed step to drive digital commerce growth.

“This acquisition has already accelerated the value that we bring to our customers in APAC’s leading digital markets, particularly China,” said Declan Kearney, Managing Director, Edge by Ascential APAC. “By merging our established digital shelf solutions with market share, consumer sentiment analysis and advanced analytics, the Edge/ Yimian team is positioned as a truly strategic digital commerce partner to our customers. We are excited about leveraging these new capabilities to help our existing and future customers in APAC and beyond deliver superior digital performance.”

The integration of Edge by Ascential and Yimian presents new opportunities for customers to outperform in key digital commerce markets around the world. Through its omnichannel data, in-depth understanding of consumer and market trends, and long-standing relationships with the world’s leading consumer brands, the combined business offers truly global insights to drive sales growth in Asia and the West.

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