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New Upgrade for HiWorld, an International Education Brand of TAL

At the Global Education Summit 2019 (GES 2019) on November 26, HiWorld, the international education brand of TAL Education Group, announced its new upgrade along with a new brand idea – Early Planning of Globalization-driven Learning for International Competitiveness.

At the Summit, HiWorld announced a strategic cooperation with ACT (American College Testing), and awarded a Letter of Appointment of HiWorld International Academic Advisor to Daniel Schwartz, Dean of Stanford Graduate School of Education.

According to Sun Chenhao, manager of HiWorld, the brand idea “Early Planning of Globalization-driven Learning for International Competitiveness” was put forward based on the profound understanding of K-12 education reached via years of great efforts. With the five core driving forces of “attaching importance to ideas, teaching and research, planning, abilities, and output”, HiWorld has established an Ivy League Preparation Program, with cultivation of language proficiency and academic ability as the core, and an American Standardized Testing System, which is aimed at scientific advancement of middle school students. This is exactly how HiWorld comprehensively motivates globalization-oriented growth of Chinese students.

HiWorld’s Ivy League Preparation Program is tailored for students of Grade 3-6. This program features teaching around children’s core competence and skills, namely 5CS (short for Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Cultural Competence and Study Skills) for the purpose that children really can acquire knowledge, analyze problems, and express opinions in English. HiWorld’s American Standardized Testing System is oriented to students of grades 7-12, which is equivalent to TOEFL, SAT, ACT. Under this system, HiWorld provides long-term progressive tutorship concerning specific courses and public international classes.

When it comes to cultivation of international talents expected by the world in the future, Sun Chenhao believes that competence calls for a long-term endeavor, and early planning is crucial for the future growth of children. “In the long-term cultivation, HiWorld not only helps children master a foreign language, but also encourages them to be independent thinkers, lifelong learners, and active participants in world affairs to embrace the world freely.”

The successful cooperation between the two major international education institutions boosts the integration of global competences

On the same day, HiWorld announced the formal strategic cooperation with ACT (American College Testing), and the two sides will help Chinese children build globalization-oriented academic competitiveness, independent thinking and judgment abilities. The cooperation with ACT is another cooperation on global scholastic assessment system of HiWorld after its cooperation with the full line products of ETS TOEFL family, marking a more comprehensive series of assessment system of HiWorld corresponding to the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) in the U.S.

The ACT, also known as the National College Entrance Examination of the U.S., is one of the main criteria for admission to American universities and the distribution of scholarships, as well as the main measure of the comprehensive capacities of the students in the U.S. Bob Block, Vice President of Corporate Development of ACT, said that ACT has maintained a strong relationship with HiWorld. In addition to the traditional assessment of subject scores, ACT is also exploring the assessment indicators and methods for non-academic skills, including leadership, curiosity and teamwork. ACT hopes to work with HiWorld to explore global competency standards and help more students go global.

At the Summit, HiWorld also awarded a Letter of Appointment of HiWorld International Academic Advisor to Daniel Schwartz, Dean of Stanford Graduate School of Education. Being an expert in the science of human learning, Daniel Schwartz has long focused on the research of learning style innovation and teaching assessment. In the future, he will work with the elite experts of HiWorld Academic Advisory Committee to explore the international education path suitable for China.

In an age calling for globalization talents, HiWorld, after its brand upgrade, will continue to focus on the core competence and skills of 5CS, rely on high-quality international education resources, cultivate the core competence and skills of the children at each stage, help them expand their international vision, develop their comprehensive capabilities and support their future globalization-oriented growth.

SOURCE TAL Education Group

Last Updated on 2020/01/14

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