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Interview with the Dutch jazz singer Laura Fygi

Laura Fygi is a Dutch jazz singer, born in Amsterdam. She was raised in Uruguay.

Her father was a Dutch businessman and her mother an Egyptian belly dancer.

Interview by Dominique Musorrafiti

Fygi has traveled down numerous musical pathways, such as jazz, Latin, and chansons, not shying away from any genre or style. In 2012 she signed a contract with one of China’s largest record companies and recorded original Chinese compositions that she had arranged in her own style. She will be on stage in China on 30th September 2017 at the “Shanghai Oriental Arts Center” and on 2nd October 2017 at the “Chang Jiang International Music Festival” Shiye Island, Zhenjiang.

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Interview with Laura Fygi

China_underground – How and when your first encounter with jazz music did take place? How was this passion born?
Laura Fygi – Since I was a child my parents used to love jazz music but also French songs. In other words, I was brought up with it.

“An unmistakable voice, able to sing in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Chinese, her albums are sold in over 30 countries.”

C_u – What are the ideas behind your songs?
Laura Fygi- I need to have a good story, a beautiful melody and most of them are memories.

C_u – There is a song or more songs you are particularly connected to? Are there any songs dedicated to someone or to a moment that marked a significant change in your life? 
Laura Fygi – Rachel was specially written for me by Michel Legrand when I was pregnant and knew it was going to be a girl.

C_u – What were your emotions the first time you performed live? What differences between singing in the studio and live performances?
Laura Fygi – My first live experience was with a girl group in 1988, a very naughty girl group called Centerfold… In the studio, I am totally involved with the music I am recording and on stage, I am mostly entertaining.

“Fygi also enjoys working with jazz musicians in China and adding Chinese elements to her music, says Xi, explaining the musician’s success in China.” China Daily

C_u – How did the contract with China arrive?
Laura Fygi – After having performed in so many Asian countries, since 1991, China discovered me in 2001.

C_u – How was the first time you sang in Chinese?
Laura Fygi – Very difficult and it still is!

C_u – Are there any differences in collaborating with Chinese musicians?
Laura Fygi – All musicians I work with are professionals so there is no real difference.

“I like to challenge myself and try out new things. This way I also keep my audience triggered and hopefully longing for my next album!” Asiatatler

C_u – Do you find any differences in performing live in China? What is the participation of the Chinese audience?
Laura Fygi – The Chinese audience is rather reserved but I interact with them and they love to participate. I get them to sing and dance with me!

C_u – What is your relationship with social networks? Does the web help the disclosure and promotion of an artist or are there any collateral effects to evaluate?
Laura Fygi – I believe social networks are very important so I have a team behind me that handles this for me. The web is very important and it certainly helps to promote my concerts and my new recordings since people don’t buy CDs anymore but listen to music channels or download songs.

C_u – China has its own social networks. How did this influence your promotion in China?
Laura Fygi – We are working on getting into the Chinese social networks and I already have my website translated into Chinese which is a start…

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