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The Tongbi Pass Nature Reserve

As the provincial nature reserve, it is located at the juncture of Yingjiang, Longchuang, and Ruili counties, Dehong Prefecture, Yunnan province, China.

52 km from the county, it is a scenic spot fusing natural reserves and landscapes. As a mixture of unique rainforest, South-Asian rainforest, and temperate broad-leaved forest, this reserve is abundant with precious fauna and flora resources as well as tropically and sub-tropically ever-green broad-leaved forests.

There are 195 species of high-grade plants, 600 species of precious and rare plants, and rare wild animals such as white-brow gibbons, bison, and Bangladeshi tigers.

Maps of Tongbi Pass Nature Reserve 铜壁关自然保护区

images of the Tongbi Pass Nature Reserve

Last Updated on 2020/11/01

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