Notorious B.I.G Death Car Up For Sale

The SUV that the legendary Rapper Notorious B.I.G was shot in is up for sale. This is not the first time that the car is being sold.

However, this is the first time that the car has had a million dollar price tag. This time around if you want to own this particular 1997 GMC Suburban you will have to pay $1.5 million. Most of us are automatically eliminated from the competition to own this piece of Hip Hop History by the asking price. Even if we were to win the biggest real money jackpot at Canadian online casinos, we would not part with the cash to buy the car. However, there are several collectors that are already showing interest in the automobile.

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Where the car has been for the past 20 years

As important as this car is to the hip hop community it is amazing that they had let it get away from them. For the past two decades this piece of moving history has been racking up miles as a family car. The family that owned the car had no idea of the value of the car. All other scars from B.I.G’s shooting had already been removed by the time the LA family got the car. The only mark left from that fateful night is a bullet hole in the seat that the rapper was sitting in.

The family bought the car in October 1997. They bought it from a dealer who had bought the car from an auction. When they got the car the bullet ridden door had already been replaced. It was not until they were contacted by police regarding the wrongful death trial that got to know the history of their car.

Now the car has travelled more than 114,000 miles. If you are still interested in owning the vehicle despite its mileage then check out momentsintime.com. There you will find a couple of other cars in the same price range including Tupac’s death car.


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