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Never too old for a bikini!

On July 23, the Tianjin Eco-city National Park, the Tianjin Municipal Committee, sponsored by the Hetong Elderly Welfare Association, organized the second edition of the Bikini Contest For Elderly People.

The competition promoted physical training for middle-aged Chinese. More than 500 people, from Tianjin, Beijing and also from six other surrounding areas, took part to the competition. The oldest registered participant was 80 years old and some ladies wore a bikini for the first time. Professional body trainers performed with the participants. Men had push-ups challenge and ladies made plastic poses and postures. The contest, in its second edition offered to the winners courses and evening classes.

The aim, in fact, is to provide participants with middle-aged, a second youth, the opportunity to plan for retirement positively and optimistically. A lady of 62 years from Shijiazhuang, was so excited to see, last year first edition, that she wanted to sign up and participate in this year contest.

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