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Beijing UFO Research Organization: Interview with Zhou Xiaoqiang

China has its official UFO Research Organization investigating UFO activities in the country. In 2009 we interviewed Zhou Xiaoqiang, Secretary of Beijing UFO Research Organization.

An introduction [official presentation provided by UFO Research Organization]

Beijing UFO Research Organization, a social organization consisting of science and technology workers and people of all circles, is part of the Beijing Science and Technology Association. It is a registered legal corporation approved by social organization administrative institutions in Beijing City. The organization is led by the Beijing Science and Technology Association and is supervised, inspected, and managed by the administrative institutions of social organizations.

The tenet of the Beijing UFO Research Organization is to research and discover domestic and foreign UFO events based on modern science by insisting on practical science and philosophy of dialectical and historical materialism and contribute to the science development by integrating the science and technology workers’ resources in Beijing.

Beijing UFO Research Organization was founded in 1984 and became a legal corporation in 1994. The organization was organized and established strictly according to the requirements of the Science and Technology Association and the rules of civil administration association management. The internal control system was well established through the Articles of Association. The core of the activities in science popularization, physical verification, and academic exchange. At the same time, the organization emphasizes team construction in order to create teams with more vitality and cohesion in daily activities. Beijing UFO Research Organization has 110 members mainly from institutions, organizations, scientific research academies, commercial enterprises, academies, art academies, etc. The researchers are well educated and include famous people in the fields of mathematics, physics, meteorology, biology, archaeology, space technology, and astronomy as well as inventors, artists, and painters.

Before and after the registration of the corporate body, the Beijing UFO Research Organization has had five directorates respectively. There were member congresses held in 1994 and on January 10, 1998, August 25, 2001, September 11, 2004, and on September 9, 2006. The respective chairmen of the directorates were Xue Zhengwei, Sun Shili, Zhao Xijin, Wang Huanliang, and Xu Dingming. The affiliated unit of Beijing UFO Research Organization is the Satellite Meteorological Center of National Weather Service. Currently, Beijing UFO Research Organization is administrated by the fifth directorate.

Beijing UFO Research Organization includes Secretary Department, Academic Department, Organization Department, Foreign Liaison Department, Science Popularization Data Department, Organization Proceeding Newsroom, Economical Development Department, Finance and Accounting Department, and Science Popularization Propaganda Department.

The organization has analyzed lots of domestic and foreign UFO cases and carried out in-depth theoretical researches. Quite some treatise brought impact to both domestic and foreign academia.

Beijing UFO Research Organization pays more attention to data collection and arrangement on both domestic and foreign UFO events. After decades of accumulation, a large number of UFO archives are established, not only books, journals, and painting booklets but also substantial amounts of audio material and CDs. The organization has produced many science popularization promotion programs on TV and in articles through cooperation with China Central Television, Beijing TV, educational television and newspaper, and other media offices every where.

Beijing UFO Research Organization has executed so many physical verifications and witness surveys based on UFO collected information and witness cases that it has accumulated abundant surveys, analysis experience, and analysis materials. Beijing UFO Research Organization has obtained a large number of photos and firsthand information via a connection with relating departments and through deep field research so that the detailed study reports and articles were written. It has analyzed and explained some UFO events and drew scientific conclusions bringing the right end of the stick to the people.

Beijing UFO Research Organization has built friendly relations with the UFO legal entities and non-legal entities in every area and often sends personnel to participate in meetings and activities held by local organizations in order to contribute to UFO research together through mutual support and assistance. The organization has close relations with the only national UFO publication, “Flying Saucer Discovery”, which gave the organization strong support and funding several times at the most difficult moment helping us to continually develop.

In order to better popularize and promote UFO knowledge, except for establishments of UFO Website and forum, Beijing UFO Research Organization also often holds lectures at universities for college students, and at institutions, academies, and in society.

Through constant efforts of all members, the activities of the Beijing UFO Research Organization have been greatly respected and praised by both domestic and foreign public figures. Beijing UFO Research Organization will continue with arduous efforts to strive for a larger breakthrough in UFO research.

Interview to Zhou Xiaoqiang

Is it difficult to recognize a real UFO sighting from a fake?

We have done a large number of researches and surveys on UFO events and analyzed these cases through meetings before sorting out a contrast library so that we now have abundant cases for reference. We have the ability to analyze and judge the UFO events.

Have you ever seen a UFO?

There are many UFO reports. We have seen several UFOs and we also obtained a great number of UFO reports. However, at present, among the cases we surveyed, no one could prove that there is any flying saucer piloted by the extraterrestrial creatures. Of course, the new judgment method for flying saucers is different from the old one. In the past, the standards were hanging in the air, upside-down flying, and high speed, which can be done by humans nowadays. Therefore, the former UFO events have been proved to be caused by humans, for example, the 51 sector in the USA is the origin of the misjudgment.

How many sightings are there in China every year?

There are many UFO witness reports in China each year. Due to the extensive scope of reports, the national quantity is unclear, but the reports received by us are more than dozens.

What is the behavior of the Chinese government toward such an issue?

The Chinese government supports UFO research. The organization is just the body corporate-led by the Science and Technology Association. The government often reports and promotes UFO events, including the immediate report of United States cosmonaut’s views on extraterrestrial creatures.

Interview: Matteo Damiani

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