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A Study of the Fifteenth-Century Carpenter's Manual Lu Ban Jing
When the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded on December 10, 2010, its recipient, Liu Xiaobo, was in Jinzhou Prison, serving an eleven-year sentence for what Beijing called “incitement to subvert state power.” In Oslo, actress Liv Ullmann read a...
Translation and Cultural Mediation

Tapestry of Light

Aesthetic Afterlives of the Cultural Revolution
Ba Jin, Bo Yang, Chen Jingrong, Chen Yingzhen, Chiung Yao, Chu Hsi-Ning, Duanmu Hongliang, Eileen Chang, Hualing Nieh Eng
Ambivalence and Autobiography
The Politics of Reading Between West and East

Chinese Modern

The Heroic and the Quotidian
In The New Woman in Early Twentieth-century Chinese Fiction, Jin Feng discusses representations of women in May Fourth fiction, issues of gender, modernity, individualism, subjectivity, and narrative strategy. In this thought-provoking book about a crucial period of Chinese literature, Feng...


The first half of the 20th century was a period of great turmoil in China, with thousands of years of established civilization being uprooted by a radical socialist revolution. Family, one of the most popular Chinese novels of that...
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