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Dress for Success

Escape from fashion

New China is every day, from about more than a decade, increasingly capitalist and the new generations of women, as a lot of women...

Art and Science Collaboration with (The Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere)

With the help from, the traditional Lingnan Style Guo hua, an art form expressing the human appreciation of nature since its creation, is...
World cat day in China

12 amazing images of people living with their cats in China

World cat day in China: Nowadays in Chinese society, more and more young people are looking for an individual space, a free life without...
China bird flu virus

Hard to detect, China bird flu virus may be more widespread

BEIJING (Reuters) - Bird flu infection rates on Chinese poultry farms may be far higher than previously thought, because the strain of the deadly...
world's pollution deaths

China, India account for half world's pollution deaths in 2015: study

SHANGHAI (Reuters) - China and India accounted for more than half of the total number of global deaths attributable to air pollution in 2015,...

Businessmen jumpy after Chinese tycoon's disappearance from HK

HONG KONG (Reuters) - The mysterious disappearance from Hong Kong of Xiao Jianhua, a China-born billionaire, has sent a chill through mainland business circles...
Donald Trump Xi Jinping

Trump changes tack, backs 'one China' policy in call with Xi

BEIJING/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump changed tack and agreed to honour the "one China" policy during a phone call with China's leader...
obese tigers

The Majestic Siberian Tigers of Harbin Forest Park

Recently a group of photos of Siberian tigers became popular on the Chinese internet. These pictures of Harbin Siberian tigers show obese tigers, that look...
Taiji fishing village - a village is shaped like the Yin and Yang symbol

Taiji Fishing Village: a village shaped like the Yin Yang symbol

Taiji fishing village is situated on a bend of the Bijiang river, near Nuodeng, in Yunlong County , Prefecture of Dali, Yunnan. The village...
Jizu Mountain

The Jizu Mountain in Bingchuan County

Located in Bingchuan County, the Jizu Mountain is the 5th most famous Buddhist mountains in China, with the reputation of “Holy mountain and Buddhist...
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