Heroes Next Door, daily routine of Superheroes in Hong Kong: 28 images


Chow Kar Hoo is an emerging artist specialized in fine art photography. Since his graduation in June, he started his career by setting up Overnight Studio with the help of some friend.

A part from fine art projects, fashion and corporate photography, he has participated in numerous local and international exhibitions, including solo and group shows at Shin Hwa Gallery, 2011-2012, Systema Gallery in Osaka, 2011, Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair, 2012, HKPPN show, 2012 and the Holga 30th Anniversary group show at the Center for Alternative Photography, New York, 2012. His artwork "Heroes Next Door", which was exhibited as a group show at Shi Hwa Gallery in 2011, has reiceived positive reactions from international and local media. World's major publications such as the Huffington Post, the Independent, Lost AT E Minor, SCMP, The Standard and many more featured his artwork and his exhibition.

Where comes from the idea of "Heroes Next Door"?

This series of photos is influenced by photographer cultural background; in fact, as a child, Chow Kar Hoo was a fan of Marvel and DC comics and, consequently, superhero movies. The superheroes of Chow Kar Hoo maintain the image of champions of justice in the service of humanity, but at the same time they are depicted in their human nature, in fact the photographer imagined how they would interact with his hometown. Batman, Spiderman, Naruto & Co are transported to Hong Kong, through the streets of this metropolis. Despite their suits, they become ordinary people, they have no privilege in front of the police, few are those who recognize them and therefore have to adapt and make some menial work. Their daily life is becoming more similar to that of ordinary civilians in Hong Kong, Batman walks in the night markets, Wolverine becomes a butcher, Hellboy enjoys at night a typical meal and Spiderman drag boxes in an alley. Defeat the bad guys becomes a marginal role in their lives, even if in their mind they always think about it. Chow like other authors which have retracted the theme of superheroes wants to create a moment of reflection on our world and what the iconography of superheroes represents at this time for all of us.

Source: www.chowkarhoo.com