Living in a public toilet


In Guangzhou city , a family of three people lives in the building of public toilets. Liao Xiaoming, from Maoming, Chaozhou Xuan and Wang Na, left their town to take advantage of the possibility of free education, which provides the city of Guangzhou.

The couple previously owned a small shop. Like other families in other cities, they live their entire life just inside this place where they work. All the leisure activities, like watching a movie, playing games, as well as eating, washing, resting and sleeping occur in the public toilet. The space in the building is very small, for this reason they had to create a small loft to allow the child to have his own space to do homework. The only way to take a shower, is to use the toilet for the disabled. Even drying clothes is difficult due to the narrowness of the environment, so the only solution found is to go out the window to hang the clothes on the roof of the neighbors. It seems incredible that in Chinese cities, behind buildings, in the alleys, there are still families that live in these conditions, but it is actually the norm.


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