Red tourism: a theme park dedicated to the Sino-Japanese War in China


A theme park just dedicated to the glories of the past is located in Wuxiang county, Shanxi, at the foot of the Taihang Mountains: the Chinese Communist Eighth Route Army (八路军).

In recent years Wuxiang has invested a significant amount of money to develop the project and build the resort that has gained some success. Here you can relive the years of the war against the Japanese. The tourists can wear uniforms and relive the battles with the enemy in a simulated warfare. You can choose whether to side with the Japanese or the revolutionary forces through a series of reconstructions of historical battles. During the war, Wuxiang was the base of the Eighth Route Army and the northern office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party. In August of 2011, was held the first "Eighth Route Army Culture and Tourism Festival" for an investment of 500 million yuan. The structure includes a mausoleum dedicated to the guerrillas and some parks where you can deal with improvised militias made up of tourists and extras.

The images were taken by photographer Wang He.