Being Twenty in China, 49 images

Expectations, ways of life, entertainment, fun & hard work for teenagers and Chinese young people. Add a comment

15 pictures of Nanputuo Temple, Xiamen

Nanputuo is a Buddhist temple of vast proportions not far from the University of Xiamen. Add a comment

The Working Class in China, 15 images

Over the years we collected many images of the nightmarish work conditions of Chinese migrant workers. Most of those people are like modern slaves with limited access to social insurance and suffering from poor health conditions. Add a comment

44 images of daily life for Chinese children

A glimpse of daily life for children in contemporary China. 44 images to quickly describe different ways of life and social environments: cities, suburbs, countryside, degraded areas, games, disappointments. Add a comment

8 bizarre ways how Taiwan celebrates funerals

All-female marching bands, strippers and pole dancers are hired at Taiwanese funerals to mourn the deads. Add a comment

Manufacturing: Striking Burtynsky Images on Working Conditions in China

In the southern province of Guangdong, one can drive for hours along numerous highways that reveal a virtually unbroken landscape of factories and workers’ dormitories. Add a comment

36 incredible pictures of floods in China

Every year China is devastated by huge floods. Over the years we collected some interesting images from Chinese web. Add a comment

Time travel in Chinese alleys

You just need an analog camera, an expired black and white film, and go into the alleys of a Chinese city, to have the feeling you had a jump, back several years. Add a comment

People from Suburbia, film images

Analog images of ordinary life in some Chinese suburbia. Add a comment

Firefighters fighting flames in Gansu, images

1 July 2014, 20:10. Jiuquan, Suzhou. More than 60 firefighters were deployed to fight a fire occurred in a plastic factory. Add a comment

The Flooded City of Shicheng: Before and After Pictures Comparison

Shicheng is an ancient city, established about 1300 years ago, now lies at the 26-40 m depth underwater. Add a comment

Spectacular colourful Zhangye Danxia images

Danxia rock formations are located in Gansu province, in Zhangye prefecture. Add a comment

Amazing Flood pictures at Xiaolangdi Dam in China

Sand-washing operation conducted in China's Xiaolangdi Reservior. Add a comment

China through the lenses of David Gamble: 40 images

David Gamble (Cincinnati, 1890 - Sydney, 1968), grandson of James Gamble, founder of Procter & Gamble in 1837, visited China for four periods doing Christian social work for the Y.M.C.A and conducting social surveys. Add a comment

Champagne Court camera market for film enthusiasts, images

Half a dozen little stores selling old and medium format cameras, films and equipment. Add a comment

32 rare images of French Missionaries in Yunnan , 1933

Mission to the Land of the Three Rivers (1933-1952) In 1035, St. Bernard of Menthon built a hospice on the Mont Joux, the most ancient pass through the Alps. Add a comment

In Yulin a Dog Festival isn’t exactly what you might think [Graphic Images]

Yulin, Southern Guangxi province, is a small city famous in China for its Dog Festival, known as "Lychee dog meat festival". Add a comment

20 rare images of Pirates of China Sea and their Hunters

China's southeast coast during nineteenth Century has been plagued by pirates and  warlords. Add a comment

Gulangyu colonial architecture

Xiamen, or Amoy is a small town ( in Chinese terms , since it has more than two and a half million inhabitants) overlooking the Straits of Taiwan, and thanks to the advantageous geographical position has always been an important trading port. Add a comment

Fong Qiwei mesmerizing Shanghai timelapse gifs

Fang Qiwei’s “Time in Motion” serie spliced different time slices into a single image to show passage of time. Add a comment

Li Hongbo flexible sculptures will blown your mind

Classical sculptures revisited by Li Hongbo, a Beijing artist who uses mixed styles to bring to life these magical moving statues. Add a comment

Luoping golden fields

Luoping county is 228 km from Kunming, not far from Guizhou Province. At early spring the yellow rapeseeds are in full bloom.

10 years of Internet addiction rehabs in China

A brief history of web addiction camps in China: brainwashing, electroconvulsive therapy and other abuses were committed to patients over the years.

Lijiang old town through the lens of a Lubitel 166+

Lijiang, in Yunnan, Southern China, is the major town of the old Naxi culture. Naxi people are one of the twenty six ethnic minorities of Yunnan.

Wild Stone Forest in Yunnan

Just one hour away from Kunming lies the stunning carsic formation known as Stone Forest (Shilin).

Watch two crazy guys climbing the second tallest building in the world

Two young guys climbed the Shanghai Tower (650 metres) and filmed their bold experience with a GoPro camera.

The great Chinese reform of prostitution in 20th century: 33 amazing pictures

In 1949, just after the civil war, Mao embarked upon a series of campaigns that eradicated prostitution from mainland China. Mao claimed:”we need to clean the house!”

One Hundred Magic Holes: Bama County longevity caves

Bama County in Guangxi recently became famous because of its many centenarians. Its residents have a reputation for longevity. For this reason Bama has been studied from geriatricians nationwide.

Statue of President Obama in Chongqing

8th February 2014. A Chongqing restaurant placed a statue of president Obama in front of the shop in order to attract potential customers and tourists.

Three small harbors in China

Three small harbors in Xiamen, Gulangyu and Kunming.

20 pictures of Hong Kong

Ah, Hong Kong! Undoubtedly Hong Kong is a complicated mess and that's why we love it. During the years we went many times in Hong Kong and we took many pictures.

A day in a life of funeral parlor in China in 1948

Those images are depicting the everyday life of a group of children and adults in a funeral mortuary in China in 1948.

Images of Chinese famine during the Civil War (Graphic content)

During 1946-47 Great Famine hit Southern China, in particular Guangdong, Guangxi and Hunan provinces, affecting tens of millions of people. At least 1,7 millions starved to death.

25 pics depicting the terrible conditions in alum mines in China

In Cangnan County, not too far from Wenzhou, southern Zhejiang, there are tens of alum mines. However beacuse of pollution and shortage of alum resources, the area is living a difficult crisis.

Horse fight club in Guangxi

Every year, in Rongshui Miao Autonomous County, Guangxi, not too far from Liuzhou, local people celebrate the Chinese New Year with the 500-year-old tradition of horse fighting.

Spending the Chinese New Year holidays in Sanya isn’t the best idea

Chinese New Year, Chunjie, is approaching fast and hundred of millions of people are moving in China. Many people just try to go home, while others buy tickets to go to the most trendy destination.

Overloaded Peking, 2001 documentary about New China

Overloaded Peking is a documentary about Beijing and Chinese modernisation we did in 2001 (MDDM, abelvideo). It features a long and interesting interview (15:32) to a young Jia Zhangke about cinema, changes of the young Chinese generations, modernization of the country, internet, censorship and much more.

Hunan couple recycles 9 million of plastic bottles a year to send their sons to university

A couple from Hunan annually recycles something like 9 million plastic bottles a year to send their kids to the university. Every day, for 10 years, the couple received about 140 kg of waste.

Heqing of the Bai people of Yunnan

Not too far from Dali, lies Heqing, a beautiful and almost preserved example of the Bai people architecture. The Bai are one of the 56 ethnic groups officially recognized by China.

Rise and fall of the QiGong frenzy in China: when superstition and science collide

After the fall of the Gang of Four, Qigong represented an opportunity for China to find a cultural identity proven by the disastrous consequences of the Cultural Revolution that erased an entire cultural and relationships system. Looking for its own way to modernization, China took a shortcut to scientific progress by mixing weird science and superstition, with grotesque and devastating consequences in the long run.

Forest rangers crack down on the largest wildlife animal trafficking in China

Chinanews - On January 22, Yunnan forest rangers cracked down on the illegal trading of tigers and other local protected animals.

How to create a Eunuch: the procedure

A eunuch in ancient China was a man castrated, typically early enough in his childhood to have major hormonal consequences in order to make him reliable servant of a royal court where physical access to the ruler could wield great influence. In China, castration included removal of the penis as well as the testicles. Both organs were cut off with a knife at the same time.
Every year, hundreds millions of migrant workers go back to their hometowns to celebrate the Chinese New Year Festival.

The village in a cave in Guizhou

Getu-River National Park in Guizhou Province, not far from Anshun is dotted by hundreds of mountains eroded by the force of water and wind. In a large cave live today 18 people (in 2007 they were about one hundred), all of the Miao ethnic minority group.

Mao Zedong locomotives

In 1946, in Manzhouli railway station in Inner Mongolia, on the route to Harbin, were abandoned a number of old locomotives. Workers, to overcome difficulties, carefully repaired some of them.
Unit 731 (731部隊) was a covert biological warfare research and development unit of the Imperial Japanese Army that undertook human experimentation mainly on Chinese, Koreans and Russians, during the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937–1945) and World War II, led by infamous Japanese microbiologist Shiro Ishii.

Changsha immersed in smog

On the morning of January 14, Changsha, Hunan has been paralysed in a thick fog of smog fallen on the city.

Chine Magazine published in France

Our travel magazine “Chine Magazine”debuts in France, finally!

Japanese officer performing seppuku during World War II

After the defeat of the Second World War II, many Japanese officers performed the ritual suicide by disembowelment, called in Japanese Suppuku (stomach-cutting).

A traditional Chinese funeral - video

A traditional Chinese funeral on the street of Kunming, Yunnan.

Silvio Bunga Bunga days are over, new NMA video

The latest NMA video is all about Silvio Berlusconi persecution.

Infographics: Natural Growth Rate, Population, Birth Rate, Death Rate in China

4 interesting infographics on Natural Growth Rate, Population at the end of the year, Birth Rate, Death Rate in China. Data from National Bureau of Statistics of China.

25 Western Depictions of Crime and Punishment during Qing Dinasty - part one

This collection of 51 images on crime and punishment in late Imperial China is gleaned from the 19th century Westerners’ China travelogues at the George Peabody Library.

Far East Film Festival 15, official lineup

Udine - The line up of the Far East Film Festival 15 was released to the Press today. The 2013 edition (19th to 27th of April), which will present 57 titles (in addition to 6 shorts of the Hong Kong Freshwave, 3 titles with and by King Hu and a tribute to Mario O'Hara), will present the Lifetime Achievement Award to the world ambassador of Korean culture: the great Kim Dong-ho.

Hong Kong Cage dwellers

When we think about Hong Kong often images of shiny skyscrapers and colorful neon signs come to mind.

MADE IN JAPAN - Three of the most representative films of the 2013 edition are from Japan

Three of the most representative films of the 2013 edition are from Japan: I Have to Buy New Shoes by Eriko Kitagawa, See You Tomorrow, Everyone by Yoshihiro Nakamura and A Story of Yonosuke by Shuichi Okita.

110 kids: photo project on Chinese Street Children

Most of the shots were taken in the narrow streets of Kunming, many of those streets no longer exist, having been wiped out and demolished by bulldozers. Now, where the children portrayed in the photos lived and played, there are construction sites, luxury buildings and shopping malls.

41 propaganda posters for Chinese children

A unique collection of vintage propaganda posters directed to children. Add a comment

22 images of police raids on brothels in China

From time to time in major Chinese sites are posted pictures of police raids on brothels.

City Eraser: exploring a post atomic city

Kunming, China. Everyday, millions of square meters of old slums are torn down to make room for luxury condos and shopping malls.

10 beautiful pictures of Mongolia in 1913

Mongolia declared its independence from China in 1911.